What we deliver
Your project, our team- a partnership with exceptional results

Marionete is a data science consulting company that provides highly skilled resources to help our clients get the most out of their data.

Our Data Science, Big Data, DevOps, IoT and Blockchain teams work with clients on a flexible, team augmentation basis, both on-site and near-site, to meet clients’ strategic and budgetary needs.

Whether your objective is to monetise data, meet new data regulation, or provide valuable customer insight, Marionete is able to help you.

Why Marionete?

Marionete differs from other data science consultancies in that our operating model is both flexible and scalable. We pride ourselves on our highly-skilled workforce, each of whom is vetted against our quality assurance programme. We partner with some of the biggest names in the industry, all of whom help us to leverage our work.

We make it our business to stay ahead of the latest industry trends so that we are able to deliver our clients bespoke data solutions with a lasting legacy.

Flexible and scaleable service

We operate a unique enterprise-ready solution called ‘Team as a Service’ (TaaS). This is a flexible and scalable service whereby we provide you with the human resource, who are ready to deliver complex and robust solutions to meet your projects’ needs.

At Marionete, we understand that you will require different resource over the course of the project’s time-line. To help you optimise your project’s budget, we give you the control to extend or reduce the Marionete resource as you require. Marionete are able to integrate with your existing team- either on-site, near-site or as a hybrid of the two. This partnership reduces your reliance on expensive, time-consuming external hiring.

We are locked into the delivery of your data project with you.

High value consultants

The success of any project is directly related to the quality of the people employed.

At Marionete, we pride ourselves on the exceptional calibre of our employees who are experienced, educated and vendor certified.

Upon joining Marionete, all employees are vetted against our quality assurance programme- a four-month intensive syllabus specialising in the three disciplines of Data Science, Big Data and DevOps. We cultivate a continuous learning environment so that our employees are able to stay ahead of the curve with the latest industry trends.

A strong partner network

Marionete’s ability to deliver is further enhanced by our impressive partner network. We have deep relationships with some of the biggest and brightest names in the sector.

Our ability to leverage this network brings added insight, wider expertise and vendor knowledge to provide solutions to your projects challenges that others cannot.

Some partners include Red Hat, Cloudera, GridGain, Confluent, Neo4j, Databricks, Hortonworks and DataMountaineer to name but a few.

A lasting legacy

As a specialist Data Science consulting company and expert in Big Data and DevOps technologies, Marionete is uniquely placed, to not only provide our clients with a team to help you deliver your project, but also ensure a long-lasting legacy with your organisation.

Our employees are accredited trainers for many of the technologies we use and can pass our knowledge to your team via public or private training.

You can take part in our world class training, even if your organisation does not use our other services.

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