Building the data backbone of a global investment bank

Building the data backbone of a global investment bank

Technology, innovation and continuous improvement have always been key to the Bank’s success. To help them in their latest innovation initiative, the Bank has partnered with Marionete to re-invent the way data is managed.

With a planned migration to the Cloud and recent acquisitions that bring an almost exponential increase in customers and use cases, new solutions needed to be developed to keep up with the growth and vision for the future. The answer to this challenge was a streaming-based DataHub platform, providing the much-needed scalability requirements but also placing data at the heart of the organisation and facilitating data agility.

During the 3 years of our partnership, we collaborated closely to build a self-service data platform that would become the bank’s data backbone.

Main features

  • Self-service data infrastructure – Enable teams to create and manage schemas, topics and connectors using git, Azure DevOps pipelines and custom Java applications that act as automatic operators
  • Development of multiple stream processing applications in Scala for data enrichment and aggregation
  • All Datahub infrastructure defined as code, fully reproducible for on-prem and Azure environments. Infrastructure changes continuously deployed thanks to CI/CD pipelines, comprehensive infrastructure tests and a combination of logging and monitoring alerts
  • High Availability – Redundancy built-in for all services, availability ensured even during deployments thanks to automated rolling upgrades
  • Innovation Drivers – Pioneering the introduction of many new technologies for the Bank, our team was responsible for establishing good practices, doing demos and workshops and transferring knowledge to Bank’s teams on a variety of subjects such as Kafka, Linux, Stream processing, Ansible, git, CI/CD, Docker containers.

Key Points

Self-service Platform

Streaming and Real-time Capacities

Data Consistency through Schemas

Continuous Integration and Delivery


Highly Available and Reliable Platform