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Marionete is a company with global ambition. We therefore look for people with an international outlook and a deep interest in our specialist areas.

Here you will find a company that is committed to offer you a deep and constant learning environment while working with disruptive technologies.

You’ll enrich your career and your skills, reason for which your employment with us will be a mutually rewarding experience mutually.

Our company is about the passion and commitment in everything we do. If you have that same approach then please take a look at the current positions we have in the end of the page or send your profile to joinus@marionete.co.uk

Joining Marionete you can expect:

  • Industry leading training through our Marionete Academy
  • Start Up environment
  • Growth in you and your personal brand
  • An exciting and dynamic place to work
  • An excellent remuneration package
  • Participation in leading edge projects
  • Global travel opportunities

Quality Assured
The Marionete Academy

Marionete provides highly skilled technical consultants who can integrate, extend and deliver meaningful value.

We recruit from many sources, experienced professionals to new graduates and the key to our success in maintaining the unique quality of our consultants is our quality assurance programme, known as the Marionete Academy.

The Marionete Academy is a continuous syllabus of training and evolution. All consultants from post grads to experienced professional attend the demanding 3 month academy covering a unique and specialist syllabus for each of the Data Science, Big Data and DevOps disciplines.

Training is delivered by our internal training function alongside, software vendors and our industry leading senior advisors. All consultants emerge from the Academy having participated in Agile projects in the Open Source communities and Data Science competitions delivering solutions to community best practices.

Our consultants are regularly and rigorously measured against the top professionals in the market using CodilityTM Programmer testing whose results are freely available to clients for verification.

Through our partnerships and internal research, we ensure that our consultants stay ahead of the curve with new developments in both the 3rd Party and Open Source software we use.


Sometimes it’s difficult for universities and companies to get together. Perception is that theory and practice are not aligned/integrated.
That’s not what we do at Marionete! Since the beginning we have established protocols with several Universities across the country, namely on Maths, Sciences and Engineering areas.

Besides being present at job fairs and on seminars/conferences, we support Masters and PHD thesis, allowing investigation to be developed in areas such as Block Chain and teachers to be close to our company while they are writing scientific articles. Our exchange also facilitates Portuguese universities to start using disruptive technologies we use, through the academical programs our partners have.

Paulo MauricioRicardo HenriquesIsabela Castilho
When I joined Marionete I was surprised by the cooperative working methodologies and team spirit around the office. From day 1 I enrolled on a 3 months training plan to learn the tools and technologies required for Big Data service line, while practicing agile working methodologies. It is clear to everyone around here Marionete is focused in keeping a friendly work environment and building a strong center of expertise in Lisbon.
Paulo Mauricio
Big Data
When the project was pitched to me I felt I should give it a try. One month after I am not fraud upon. It is, truly, a different way of working, a new culture and a unique environment. I met a dynamic and motivated team in which the meshing was natural and the goal to keep pushing the limits is uplifting.  The fact that perfect conditions in terms of technologies, training and workspace are given to us is also motivating.
Ricardo Henriques
It has been a great experience to participate in Marionete academy. The face-to-face contact with outstanding professionals that were invited to provide the training grants us a very client-based approach of data science methodologies. Besides that, the constant feedback from our mentors as well as other colleagues helps us to crystalize the concepts that are being transmitted. At Marionete every day is a chance to improve ourselves as data scientists and investigate new techniques and new technologies that will add value to our clients’ businesses tomorrow.
Isabela Castilho
Data Science