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Ready to supercharge your career?

Hey there, tech enthusiast, are you itching to unleash your potential and rocket your career to the next level? 

Look no further than Marionete where we don’t just solve problems; we turn challenges into opportunities innovating at the edge of what is possible


At Marionete,we pride ourselves on being a collective of independent thinkers, driven by a relentless entrepreneurial spirit with one simple idea: to free businesses from the burden and constraints of complex legacy systems, throwing off the ties of tired and tangled systems and archaic architecture by creating fresh, simple, elegant solutions.

Our secret sauce? Merging strategic vision with unparalleled expertise in architecture and software engineering. So, what sets us apart? Our dynamic team of tech virtuosos is all about pushing the boundaries of innovation and simplifying complexity.

We don’t just embrace change; we thrive in it.


We’re on the hunt for dynamic, out-of-the-box thinkers who aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into challenges.

We’re not just building a team; we’re assembling a league of exceptional technologists who know that success isn’t just about victories, but about learning from both triumphs and the occasional oopsie-daisy.

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What we offer

Learning and Development - Unleash Your Potential!

At Marionete, growth never stops. We're all about empowering our team members through continuous training and development, no matter where you are on the career ladder. Join us, and unlock the path to success with our unwavering commitment to your professional growth.

A hybrid working model - Embrace Work - Life Balance

We get it - life happens! At Marionete, we cherish the importance of work - life balance. Our flexible working structures ensure you can thrive both personally and professionally. It's time to have the freedom to manage your ti me while making an impact in cutting - edge projects.

Get-together - Teamwork with a Twist

At Marionete, we know that teamwork is more than just work. It's about building strong connections and having fun together! From social activities to game nights and team-building events, we foster a sense of camaraderie that elevates our collaborative spirit.

As you would expect, we provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, colour, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or belief, age, disability, pregnancy or maternity, gender identity, results of genetic testing, or service in the military


1. HR Introduction Call

An introductory 30 minute call with our friendly HR team. Cultural fit to Marionete Discuss your requirements Overall explanation of the business Answer any questions you have

2. Technical Assignment

Our HR team will send you an assignment to work on in your own time, the platform will depend on the role in question, however we like to use Codility or GitHub.

3. Technical Call

You will then have a 90 minute follow-up interview with 2 senior members of our technical teams to discuss the solution and answer questions on your assignment, and team culture.

4. Final Interview

Your final meeting will be with the Head of the area you work within (i.e. "Head of DevOps"). To re-assess technical skillsets/ experience, discuss future plans for personal development and determine overall decision.

5. Job Offer

Congratulations! Our HR team will reach out with our employment offer, agree start date, re-align key information for employment and arrange induction and equipment logistics.