Data Streaming Accelerator

Marionete’s Data Streaming Accelerator is an Agile, Proof-of-Value based approach to streaming technology adoption that ensures a Path to Production that is technically-sound, evidence-based and business-value focused.

Find Your Path to Production

Marionete provides a clear path to production to help take your organisation to the next level of data streaming maturity. We will work alongside you as your technology partner, facilitating your vision for architectural change and streaming adoption.

Our approach is customised in each case, and designed for collaboration with our clients, enabling you to accelerate the deployment of streaming technologies.

Our Data Streaming Accelerator enables a process of tight, Agile, technical change that delivers tangible business value at each step, and an evidence based Proof Of Value approach for plotting the correct path to production. The result is a much stronger case for you to gain Executive business engagement and program sponsorship.

What’s On Offer
  • 2-Hour FREE Scribble Session
  • Streaming Readiness Assessment (4 Weeks)
  • Proof Of Value solution justifying the investment in developing streaming maturity (4-6 Weeks)
  • 5 days contribution to PoV
  • Conducted with Marionete’s expert Confluent and Apache Kafka specialists

Download your Data Streaming Solution Sheet to Find out More


Download your Data Streaming Solution Sheet
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