Kafka Healthcheck

Kafka Healthcheck

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Our Kafka Deployment Assessment is designed to deliver timely insights while minimising disruption to your operations

Marionete is at the forefront of revolutionising Kafka deployments, starting with our all-encompassing Kafka Healthcheck.

The scope and length of the assessment is tailored to the complexity of your Kafka deployment. We collaborate with you 

to create customised solutions that align with your business needs and budget.


Financial Operations (FinOps) is the practice of optimising cloud costs and resource allocation to achieve financial goals. Marionete’s Finsight for Kafka delivers real-time insights into IT spend for informed decision-making.


Our Kafka Deployment Assessment offers an exhaustive evaluation of your Kafka ecosystem. Each area of focus will culminate in actionable recommendations specifically tailored to your Kafka deployment:


Architecture and Design Review

A thorough analysis of architecture, accompanied by recommendations for enhanced performance and scalability.

Deployment Strategy Evaluation

A detailed appraisal of deployment strategies, focusing on efficiency, high availability and disaster recovery.

Operational Efficiency Analysis

An assessment of operational practices, including monitoring tools and methodologies.

State Management Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of how cluster state is managed and applied, as well as how unauthorised changes can be detected.

Documentation Review

Evaluate documentation quality and completeness for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Finsight For Kafka

Our unique approach to Kafka FinOps integrates data streams from various sources with internal Kafka data to provide cost analytics and insights.


Comprehensive Insights

Receive a 360-degree view of your Kafka deployment, highlighting strengths and opportunities.

Strategic Recommendations

Obtain actionable insights for architecture enhancements, operational efficiency, and cost optimisation

Risk Mitigation

Identify potential risks, such as gaps in high availability or disaster recovery, enabling timely mitigation.