Want to be aware of the latest trends in BIG Data Science and DevOps?

Want to have a regular and informal place to exchange ideas with colleagues and experts of the area while having a bite/drink with wonderful catering?

You’ve said yes, so you cannot miss our Meet Ups!

18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence-BAAI Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

5-8th September 2017 // Porto

The international conference on Artificial Intelligence, which is supported by the Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence (APPIA) will have as part of the Program Committee Carlos Rodrigues, among other honourable professionals. From September 5-8th our Data Scientist will attend the conference whose settled topics are AI applied to business, industry and government, solutions based on AI in cooperation with other technologies, the social impact of AI and other subjects related with AI.

Second Lambda PT Meetup-Genetic Algos in Scala and Dependent Typed UI in Idris

2th May 2017 // Lisbon

On May 2th our Big Data expert, Ricardo Miranda will be a speaker on the Second Lambda PT Meetup which will take place at Bright Pixel, SA (Lisbon) around 19.15pm. Ricardo will be speaking on Genetic Algorithms (GA) and will demonstrate its application through Scala Demo. Rui Filipe Barreiro is the second speaker and his theme is the ‘Dependently Typed UI’.

First Lisbon Apache Kafka Meetup

19th April 2017 // Lisbon

We’re hosting the first ever Apache Kafka meetup. Discover what Kafka has to offer with an introduction to it from Ben Stopford (engineer and architect at Confluent) and the presentation of a live demo by our own Big Data expert, David Navalho. The event will take place at 6.30pm on April 19th in Marionete’s office (Praça Duque de Saldanha 1, Lisbon). We’re counting with your presence! To find out more, click on the picture.

Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference 2017-Pioneering Approaches to Propel Customer Behaviour Analytics At The Centre of Business Decision making For Real Commercial Value! 

30th March 2017 // London

Visit our exhibition stall at The Analytics Conference event to get insights on how can Marionete boost your business by using disruptive technologies. The event will take place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London and will be attended by two of our Data Science experts: Isabela Castilho and Carlos Rodrigues.

16th Edition of Expo RH-Power To people

30th March 2017 // Lisbon

 Catch our Human Resources Director, Vanda Fernandes, explaining on how we retain our IT talents when they are particularly wanted in the market: from salary to recognition, innovative working environment and usage of disruptive technologies in the recruitment process.

IBM Big Data Bootcamp-Partners’ Event

8th/9th March 2017 // Lisbon

Consolidating with the best in the market is how we maintain ourselves on top of technologies, which allows us to provide high valuable services. That is why we sent our own experts on Big Data and Data Science: Sara Magalhães, João Neves, Pedro Jesus, Tomás Fartaria and Jorge Vieira to go deeper on Apache Hadoop including Big SQL, Big Insights, Text Analytics, machine learning and streams’ processing.

“The bootcamp was a 2 day course on IBM’s big data solutions: big insight for hdfs storage, big SQL for querying structured data, streams for streaming processes and a little hands on in their Data Science Experience tool with Spark.” (testimonial from our attendees)

Cloudera Services Enablement Bootcamp-Partners’ Event

6th-10th March 2017 // Madrid

Marionete’s Big Data expert, José Valle Flor, and Devops Ricardo Henriques, proudly signed in for Cloudera’s bootcamp for a 5 days intensive training with hands-on challenges which took place in the PUE facilities in Madrid.

“It was an intense experience which successfully emulated the pressure of installing a cluster in a client site (complete with changing requirements and erroneous internet connection). Glad to have participated! ” (testimonial from our attendees)

Data Science Portugal-From Deep Learning to Data Science in the wild…wait…what??

21st February 2017 // Porto

Our Data Scientist, Carlos Rodrigues, attended the Data Science Portugal Meetup held in Porto. Speakers were Luís Sarmento (former Lead Research Teams, Amazon) and Jaime Cardoso (Associate Professor at FEUP and Lead, INESC).

Neo4j Meetup-Neo4j Graph Database: From zero to hero in 90 mins

25th January 2017 // Lisbon

Marionete hosted in Lisbon the Neo4j Meetup with Stefan Kolmar (Director of Field Engineering for the EMEA region) from Neo4j as a key speaker who used cases for different industries and spoke about the advantages in having different Databases.

Number of participants: 40+

First Lisbon Apache Spark Meetup-Marionete Event

6th December 2016 // Lisbon

As organisers of the First Lisbon Apache Spark Meetup, Marionete invited Tathagata Das (Lead Streaming Engineer) from Databricks to share his insights on the Apache Spark: Structured Streaming new API. Carlos Rodrigues and Raul Ferreira hosted the event.

Number of participants: 50

First Think Data Science Meetup-Marionete Event

9th November 2016 // Lisbon

On the first ever Think Data Science Meetup held by Marionete, Pouya Yousefi (Lead Machine Learning Engineer) from our partner, Dataiku, spoke on DSS Intro and Kaggle demo. Also, two of our own Data Scientists, Rufo Severino and Isabella Castillo, pitched about the data science solutions existent in the market with the use-case “Can we detect an ISIS member from his tweets?”.

Number of participants: 29