Using data to get closer to your customers, minimise risk and develop a competitive edge has become business imperative. However, as the volume, variety and value of data increases, few organisations are fully equipped to implement effective data strategies and deliver successful data projects.

Marionete provide highly skilled resource to help our clients get the most out of their data. Using Data Science, Big Data and DevOps, our specialist teams work with clients to monetise data, meet regulation and provide customer insights.

Each clients’ data project is different and we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs.  At Marionete, we are locked into the delivery of your project to ensure that we help you to deliver value, profit and insights from your data.


Data Science is bringing maths to the analysis of data and goes far beyond the business intelligence reporting of before.

Marionete’s Data Scientists, have a deep maths background and are able to understand, articulate and build mathematical models to extract new insights into your data. They are also versed in Machine / Deep Learning techniques that can bring a continuous circle of improvement and understanding to the analytics. Coupled with experience and certification from the best and brightest software vendors in the industry, they are ready to bring a new dimension to your team.

Data Science has many applications:

  • Predictive maintenance – Aircraft to nuclear power stations
  • Fraud Prevention – Investment trading anomalies to credit cards
  • Social Interaction – Finding new pathways and behaviours
  • Data Management – Assuring data governance
  • Demand Forecasting – To guide pricing decisions, future capacity requirements, and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction
  • Customer Relationship Management – Marketing campaigns, customer services
  • Spatial Analytics – Logistics to geographical customer engagement

Marionete also offers training from the leading Data Science software vendors ensuring a long lasting legacy for your organisation.

Big &
Fast Data

A whole host of disruptive technologies known as “Big Data” have emerged to integrate, store and mine information to deliver value.

Marionete’s consultants are knowledgeable and experienced in Big Data technologies that are leading the change. From engineers who can create a Big Data infrastructure, through developers who can define and develop the data pipeline to analysts who can deliver valuable insight into your data. Coupled with certification from the best and brightest software vendors in the industry, Marionete is ready to give you the team you need to deliver whichever Big Data flavour you choose.

Marionete also offers training from the leading Big Data software vendors, ensuring a long lasting legacy for your organisation.

Data Platform Automation

Organisations are under increasing pressure to make rapid and continual changes to their operational environment in order to stay competitive, react to customer change and rapidly fix defects.

The need to adapt has led to a paradigm shift away from the traditional Development – Test – Deploy cycle to a new culture known as DevOps (Developer to Operations). For example, Amazon, Google, Facebook deploy several times a day or in some cases several times per minute to their public environments. This is far faster than a traditional software company or department who may adopt a monthly or quarterly delivery cycle.

Organisations want to make the transition but lack the resources or expertise to implement it.

We can supply the hard skills and experience that is needed to get all the moving parts of your organisation to move in lock step to achieve continuous delivery.

Marionete also offers training from the leading DevOps software vendors ensuring a long lasting legacy for your organisation.

Team as
a Service

Marionete operates a refined and enterprise ready service model called Team as A Service or “TaaS”. This is a unique, flexible and innovative service whereby we provide niche teams of our consultants who are experienced and ready to deliver complex and robust solutions on behalf of our clients.

TaaS has been developed to enable our partners and end clients to succeed in the planning and delivery of critical change programmes involving both business innovation and technology optimisation. Our TaaS solution offers seamless and flexible integration of our skilled consultants into your programmes.

Our TaaS approach ensures that control remains with you, the client, increases the speed with which new teams can be built, shields your organization from changes in market demand and much more!

That is to say, fuss free focusing on value.


As a specialist in Data Science, Big Data and DevOps disruptive technologies Marionete is uniquely positioned to not only provide the team that will help you deliver your project but also ensure a long lasting legacy for your organisation.

We are accredited trainers for many of the technologies we use and can pass on our knowledge to you team through our public or private courses.

You can take advantage of our world class training, even if your organisation does not use our other services.

For private courses please contact training@marionete.co.uk