Marionete’s graph database consultants are on hand to help transform your business through the power of graph. Marionete has provided graph database consulting services with exceptional results across the financial services and media sectors. Marionete works shoulder to shoulder with the leading vendors in the graph technology domain, including Neo4J (Property Graphs), Stardog (Enterprise Knowledge Graph or Semantic Graph) and Graphistry (Graph Visualisation).

Graph database consulting

If implemented correctly, graph solutions can become pivotal to your organisation with regards to new analytical insights they offer. Graph databases enable relationships to be mapped between unstandardised data fed into the graph, and in heterogenous formats. The flexible data model can also help to cleanse the data, which is important for generating trustworthy data and accurate data; and in the case of Enterprise Knowledge Graph, can be used as an organisation-wide data model. Using graph, organisations are able to incorporate connected data to help provide additional insights to keep ahead of competitors.

Whether you are looking to validate the use of graph, to get started with a Proof of Concept, or to incorporate graph as part of your data platform modernisation initiatives, Marionete’s expert graph consultants can help. We have helped to implement graph technology solutions that meet complex use cases including single view of customer and real-time fraud detection where over 1 trillion relationships are mapped to help mitigate default risks.