Marionete has specific expertise in Knowledge Graph consulting and has successfully provided Data Unification services within the Financial Services, Media and Manufacturing sectors.

Knowledge Graph enables you to unify your data once and for all. It has the potential to create an organisation-wide data model, a reusable data model – that can be used to power all of your business-critical applications. Enterprise Knowledge Graph enables you to build layers of context around the data you deem important, and to reveal relationships and insights in your data that are not possible with Relational Database Management Systems.

Marionete has specific expertise of leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph solutions such as Stardog. It enables your organisation to unify heterogenous data, regardless of source. It doesn’t matter whether you mix structured and unstructured data, semi-structured data – from Voice, sound, documents, to normal databases, log files, real time streaming data – you can unify and query this data.

You are able to query the data on the Knowledge Graph, from the relevant data sources that the Knowledge Graph maps to – as a virtualized map of the data, and in real-time if required. You therefore have access to the data and its attributes (i.e. metadata and context) in virtualised format. This Data Virtualisation via Knowledge Graph enables your organisation to break the cycle of repetitively copying and transforming your data – while continuously getting access to insights.

For all of the massive investment that has been ploughed into Data Lakes, a technology such as Knowledge Graph enables your organisation to understand the data contained within, thereby liberating the value held within your Data Lakes.

If your organisation has particular Knowledge Graph consulting needs, Marionete are here to help. Marionete are able to assist throughout the implementation process – from data discovery through to use case definition, Proof-of-Concept, and delivery of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs.

Marionete’s deep experience of data unification across the FSI, Media and Manufacturing sectors, allied with Stardog‘s Knowledge Graph, guarantees clients a dynamic enterprise data model as a cornerstone on which to base an organisation-wide Data Fabric.