Kafka Consulting and Confluent Consulting Services

Confluent and Kafka Consulting partner

Employ the best company, employ the best practices, and get the best results when it comes to your Kafka implementations and Confluent deployments. If you are evaluating as to whether Kafka / Confluent would be the correct technology choice for your organisation, Marionete is able to assist you with its Kafka Consulting services and provide workshops to help validate any proposed use cases and the suitability of Kafka technology.

Big Data is moving towards Fast or Streaming Data. It is moving from “More the Better” to “The Faster the Better” in response to customer demands for 24/7 service; they want immediate answers and recommendations according to their lifestyles, habits and needs. Marionete is a highly specialised and skilled consultancy in the new world of Data Science & Event Streaming. Marionete can provide you the project build teams to operationalise Event Streaming analytics. We are experts when it comes to real-time data; we know what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to tap into our knowledge by contacting us.

Our Confluent Certified consultants can support your Kafka/Confluent requirements, whether AWS, Azure (and soon GCP), and whether Proof-of-Concept or for Production. Marionete’s Confluent accredited staff are able to provide a Data Platform development team or augment an existing team to work alongside you to make sure your Kafka and Confluent projects are a success as event streaming data becomes ever more critical to your business.

Why Choose Marionete?

Marionete has successfully guided several large enterprises in the UK and Europe on the technical delivery of real-time initiatives, such as:

• Digital transformation / modernisation initiatives for omni-channel growth
• Real time regulatory compliance and reporting
• Real-time treasury / liquidity / value-at-risk management
• Real-time fraud & anomaly detection
• Real-time platforms for the Internet of Things and edge data

Marionete’s experts work with enterprises shoulder-to-shoulder to design, build, deploy, manage and optimise their Kafka and Confluent implementations. Our consultants can help you achieve quicker time to value and avoid common pitfalls, so that your organisation is able to leverage modern, high-performance streaming platforms.

Where we can help

  • Kafka Consulting Workshops

Marionete will engage with you to validate use cases and to identify pre-requisite steps to prepare system estates for continuous delivery of actionable and commercial insights.

  • Proof of Concepts

Marionete consultants will engage with client Subject Matter Experts and Key Stakeholders via workshops and onsite to construct an initial project roadmap for use case feasibility and delivery of streaming technologies.

  • Delivery

Marionete’s experience of delivering Confluent and Kafka streaming technology alongside complementary technologies is invaluable in identifying requirements, planning, building and deploying these solutions for improved insights with predictive analytics (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence).

  • Post Production Check-In

Marionete consultants will conduct an assessment, ideally 3 to 6 months post-production, for review and verification that Production meets, and continues to meet planned outcomes of the project – including tuning and optimisation of the streaming technology and associated connectors if required.

Expertise in Supporting Technologies

Not only are Marionete consultants experts in Kafka and Confluent technologies, we can provide expertise with ecosystems that Kafka Connects with.

  • Contact us if you need help migrating data from traditional Databases – including from Change Tracking (CT) and Change Data Capture (CDC);
  • We can help you to design Kafka Stream Processors, as well as building Kafka Connectors from the ground up;
  • We have deep experience with Big Data systems that Kafka outputs into, such as Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Cassandra, etc.

Who to contact

For a chat around what works & what doesn’t with regards to real-time projects such as these – contact us via our website, or feel free to tap into our knowledge and discuss it with Peter below.

Peter Ratcliffe, Commerical Director
Tel: +44 (0) 7734 389 601