innovating at the edge
of what is possible

innovating at the edge of what is possible

We operate across various industry sectors, boasting in-depth expertise in financial services and substantial knowledge in numerous other domains.

An independently minded, entrepreneurial technology consultancy, Marionete is a collective of tech virtuosos that bring together strategic vision with a mastery of architecture and software engineering. We challenge technology norms and push what is possible, using open-source technology to architect, design and deliver innovative and disruptive solutions. Marionete turns client challenges into success stories by breathing life into their technology ambitions, building flexible, scalable and resilient platforms which secure market advantage.
We work without compromise. Our clients share our appetite for innovation, and a thirst to push the boundaries of what is technically possible to meet their business goals.

Our services

Data Strategy

We aim to create clarity from complexity in environments with demands from different stakeholders, compounded by complex regulatory priorities. 

Data-Mesh and Data Fabric architectures facilitate the integration of heterogeneous data sources, leading to transformative platforms. Enabling immediate and up-to-date information, improved adherence to regulations, and flexible decision-making capabilities. This approach transforms data landscapes into data assets that are scalable, safe, and highly accessible, enhancing any data strategy’s effectiveness.

Semantic Technologies and Domain-Specific Ontologies in Financial Services have brought about a significant transformation, as they facilitate the seamless integration of data and enable sophisticated analytical capabilities. These technologies can convert intricate financial data into practical insights, enabling flexible decision-making and improved client experiences. They provide more intelligent and effective Knowledge-Driven organisations.

Knowledge-driven initiatives enable organisations to make informed decisions by leveraging data-centric and intelligent methodologies. These methodologies facilitate extracting practical insights from intricate business data, resulting in the optimisation of operational processes and improving organisational experiences. The outcome entails an ecosystem characterised by enhanced agility, compliance, and efficiency.

A comprehensive Data Strategy is not merely a discretionary measure but an imperative requirement. This method effectively combines data governance, analytics, and modern technologies such as AI to convert unprocessed data into practical and valuable insights. The outcome entails a distinct advantage in improving operations effectiveness and a basis for long-term expansion. The task at hand extends beyond mere data management, as it involves harnessing data as a strategy and providing data as a product resource to achieve sustained success in the long run.

Knowledge-Base Feature Stores play a crucial role as a valuable asset. These repositories consolidate feature engineering efforts and enable real-time analytics, hence expediting the process of extracting actionable information, allowing organisations to make data-driven decisions, promoting innovation and gaining a competitive edge in a rapidly changing market by effectively integrating data governance, scalability, and machine learning capabilities.

Transformation & Integration

We build scalable distributed systems, delivering resilient high throughput, low latency solutions that help our clients explore new business paradigms.

Digital Twins can enhance automation and simulate business user personas by providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. This technology enables enterprises to simulate, assess, and replicate scenarios without incurring operational risks by generating real-time, virtual duplicates of systems or the activities of domain users. The result is a significant decrease in the time it takes to bring a solution to production, improved efficiency in operations, and more customised user experiences. Digital twins have emerged as transformative tools for facilitating agile and knowledge-driven decision-making inside intricate contexts.

Event Streaming plays a pivotal role in facilitating the process of real-time data processing and analytics, hence bringing about significant transformations. This technology facilitates prompt responses by organisations to system events, hence improving scalability and operational agility. Event streaming plays a vital role in the development of agile, customer-centric platforms that effectively cater to the requirements of the contemporary, rapidly evolving digital environment.

Composable Applications and service-mesh enable agility and scalability. These architectures respond to changing business needs. The modular architecture permits real-time component construction, disassembly, and reassembly, ensuring versatility. Agile development’s capacity to quickly react to market changes while retaining performance and functionality is its future. This technique boosts operational efficiency and improves security and inter-service communication. A shorter development cycle, improved scalability, and robust architecture enable agile, safe, and future-proof digital solution

Integrating IoT, Edge Computing, and Web3 creates a transformative ecosystem in the cutting-edge field of software and platform development. This powerful combination facilitates real-time, decentralised data processing and secure, peer-to-peer interactions. The result is unparalleled agility, robust security, and scalable solutions. It lays the foundation for developing intelligent, decentralised, and future-ready platforms in an increasingly interconnected world.

The cohesive integration of Data Mesh, Service Mesh, and Event Mesh offers unparalleled strategic advantages. This synergistic framework enables real-time analytics, seamless micro-services communication, and agile event-driven architectures. The outcome is a robust, scalable, and compliant ecosystem that navigates the complexities of evolving regulations and fosters innovation and adaptability. It sets a new benchmark for operational excellence and agility across diverse technological landscapes.

Strategy Assessment

We offer a range of comprehensive assessments and strategic solutions that enable our clients to reshape their business landscape. 

This assessment analyses your unique cloud environment and provides tailored recommendations and a roadmap to help regain control of your cloud costs and strategy. Find out more.

Our Kafka Healthcheck offers an exhaustive evaluation of your Kafka ecosystem across a range of areas and provides actionable recommendations specifically tailored to your Kafka deployment. Find out more

A comprehensive look at your data ecosystem and your ability to make data-driven decisions. Providing a roadmap for achieving your data objectives and streamlining governance.

Cloud Strategy connects business goals with available cloud services, topologies, governance framework, risk management and costs. A good cloud strategy is the foundation for a successful cloud adoption journey, enabling to build a compliant, secure and cost-optimised cloud environment.

Applying AI to enhance human skills and decision-making, improving productivity, quality, and safety across industries. Designing and deploying AI systems, ensuring accuracy, scalability, and safety.

We help you to build and maintain scalable and reliable software systems using a variety of tools and techniques to automate tasks, monitor systems, and respond to incidents.

Single Codebase and Cloud-Native Platforms provide a strategic advantage in building resilient and scalable systems. This unified approach simplifies deployment, enhances scalability, and facilitates seamless updates, thereby reducing both time-to-market and total cost of ownership. The result is an agile, robust infrastructure well-suited for rapid adaptation to market shifts and technological advancements. It lays the foundation for future-proof, high-performance solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s digital ecosystem.

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