innovating at the edge
of what is possible

innovating at the edge of what is possible

We operate across various industry sectors, boasting in-depth expertise in financial services and substantial knowledge in numerous other domains.

An independently minded, entrepreneurial technology consultancy, Marionete is a collective of tech virtuosos that bring together strategic vision with a mastery of architecture and software engineering. We challenge technology norms and push what is possible, using open-source technology to architect, design and deliver innovative and disruptive solutions. Marionete turns client challenges into success stories by breathing life into their technology ambitions, building flexible, scalable and resilient platforms which secure market advantage.
We work without compromise. Our clients share our appetite for innovation, and a thirst to push the boundaries of what is technically possible to meet their business goals.

Our services

Data Strategy

We aim to create clarity from complexity in environments with demands from different stakeholders, compounded by complex regulatory priorities. 

Data-Mesh and Data Fabric architectures facilitate the integration of heterogeneous data sources, leading to transformative platforms. Enabling immediate and up-to-date information, improved adherence to regulations, and flexible decision-making capabilities. This approach transforms data landscapes into data assets that are scalable, safe, and highly accessible, enhancing any data strategy’s effectiveness.

Empowering teams with domain ownership ensures dedicated management and optimization of specific data domains. This approach leads to more efficient and expert handling of data, enhancing its quality and relevance.

Treating data as a product shifts focus towards delivering high-quality, user-centric data. This mindset fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring data is valuable, usable, and easily accessible.

A self-serve data platform democratizes data access, enabling users across the organization to easily extract insights. This autonomy speeds up decision-making and fosters a data-driven culture.

Federated computational governance distributes data governance responsibilities, allowing for more flexible and responsive data management. This decentralized approach balances control with agility, adapting to diverse data needs.

Transformation & Integration

We build scalable distributed systems, delivering resilient high throughput, low latency solutions that help our clients explore new business paradigms.

Seamlessly integrate cloud services into your existing infrastructure to enhance flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, driving digital innovation and growth.
Guide your organization through digital transformation journeys, embracing innovative technologies to revolutionize business processes, customer experiences, and operational efficiency.
This approach enables real-time data analytics, seamless service communication, and agile, event-driven operations. Enjoy a scalable, compliant infrastructure that adapts to regulatory changes, driving innovation and operational excellence.
Enabling secure, reliable connections across your services. Our approach facilitates easier management, enhanced security protocols, and dynamic routing for high availability. Empower your organization with a network that supports agile, resilient operations and streamlined development workflows.
Enhance your data management with robust streaming solutions that offer real-time data processing and analytics, enabling quicker decision-making and operational efficiency

Technology Advisory

We provide a variety of thorough evaluations and future-proof solutions that empower our clients to enhance capacity within their business landscape.

Enhance your capabilities with AI and ML to discover insights, streamline processes, and forge new paths. Including MLOps principles, we ensure a lifecycle approach to AI/ML deployment, focusing on automation and scalability. This strategy not only uncovers valuable data insights but also ensures efficient model management and continuous improvement across your operations.
This service combines the best of design patterns with architecture advisory, providing comprehensive guidance on creating resilient, scalable, and maintainable software architectures. We focus on selecting optimal design patterns that fit your specific challenges and advising on architectural best practices to ensure your technology infrastructure supports current and future business needs efficiently. Emphasizing a holistic approach, we help you build systems that are agile, robust, and ready for growth.
Our service steers organizations towards cloud-native technologies, emphasizing the development of applications that are not only resilient and scalable but also avoid vendor lock-in. By adopting microservices, containerization, and orchestration, we guide your transition to a cloud-native architecture that promotes agility, cost efficiency, and rapid deployment, ensuring your infrastructure remains flexible and open, ready to leverage the best of cloud innovations without being tied to a single provider.

Aligns your business objectives with the full spectrum of cloud possibilities, including adoption, optimization, and repatriation. It lays a solid foundation for a flexible, secure, and cost-efficient cloud environment, adaptable to changing business needs and technological landscapes.

Develop a comprehensive DevOps approach to accelerate delivery and improve operational support and reduce time to market through automation.
Our service scrutinizes your tooling landscape to ensure the right technology and tools are in place for each specific task. By assessing the effectiveness of your current tools against your business goals, we identify areas for improvement and recommend the most suitable technologies.

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