working at the edge
of what is possible

working at the edge of what is possible

We work across industry sectors and have deep experience in Financial Services.

An independently minded, entrepreneurial technology consultancy, Marionete is a collective of tech virtuosos that bring together strategic vision with a mastery of architecture and software engineering. We challenge technology norms and push what is possible, using open-source technology to architect, design and deliver innovative and disruptive solutions. Marionete turns client challenges into success stories by breathing life into their technology ambitions, building flexible, scalable and resilient platforms which secure market advantage.
We work without compromise. Our clients share our appetite for innovation, and a thirst to push the boundaries of what is technically possible to meet their business goals.

Our services

Architecture & Design

We tackle your complex problems by breaking them down into their component parts, developing designs and architectures that remove unseen and unintended complexity. 

Hybrid CQRS, SEDA & Event Sourcing architecture

SRE, CI/CD Deployment Automation Strategy

Decentralised & Distributed Solutions

Open-source & cloud-native strategy

Lean-Agile Operating methodologies

Value Stream Delivery Platforms

Data Engineering & Analytics

We aim to create clarity from complexity in environments with demands from different stakeholders, compounded by complex regulatory priorities. 

Data Fabric & Mesh

Strategy Enterprise AI

Semantic & Ontology Domain Models

Knowledge Base Solutions 

Data Governance

Feature stores

Transformation & Integration

We build scalable distributed systems, delivering resilient high throughput, low latency solutions that help our clients explore new business paradigms.

Digital Twins

Cloud Strategy

Event streaming

Solutions Continuity

IOT & Edge Computing

Micro-services & Event mesh

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